Our Leadership

Elder Winslett

Elder Winslett


Our pastor is Elder Vaughn Winslett from Leeds, Alabama. Elder Winslett was raised attending Ebenezer with his grandmother and began his ministry here in the early 1990s. In the course of his ministry, Vaughn has pastored churches in Clanton Alabama, Echola Alabama, Grubb Springs Mississippi, and Lawley Alabama.

He and his wife Linda have two sons, Benjamin and Joshua, both of whom are pastors of churches themselves.


Other elders who are members of Ebenezer are Steve Milner and Joshua Winslett. In addition to being a part of Ebenezer, both Steve and Joshua serve other area churches (New Hope in Montgomery and Bethel in Clanton, respectively) and travel to assist churches in need of pulpit supply.


Robert Thomas and Nelson Mccrea